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InventHelp® Client's Tool Invention in National Retail Chain Stores

The Half Time Drill Driver, an InventHelp licensed client invention, is available in Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and other retailers across the country.

Half Time Drill Driver co-inventors"We are pleased that one of our client's products is on the shelves of several large chain stores around the country," said Nicole Hait, Director of Communications for InventHelp. "This InventHelp client, a machinist by trade, prides himself on thinking up ideas which solve problems in his field. His invention, the Half Time Drill Driver, is a power tool attachment that enables the user to quickly switch from a drill to a screwdriver, without having to change bits, in less than two seconds. This accessory can drill and countersink a hole in one step," said Hait.

To use, an individual selects two different size bits, drills the pilot hole, flips the pivot arm, and then drives in any screw, nut or fastener. The patent pending swivel head flips and locks, providing the user an easy switch from drilling to driving in several seconds.

Intromark Incorporated, InventHelp's sister licensing company, negotiated an agreement between the inventors and a well known direct response television company. This resulted in a national TV campaign and ultimately placement in retail outlets with the InventHelp caveman appearing on every package.

As well as appearing in the well known stores listed above, the Half Time Drill Driver is also selling in Kmart, Target, Meijer, ShopKo and many grocery store chains across the country. Direct response and retail sales through first quarter 2012 are estimated at more than $2.5 million. We are pleased to report that InventHelp's services have resulted in a financial gain for Mr. and Mrs. Jagosh.

The above result is not typical as most client inventions are not licensed, manufactured, sold in stores and do not appear in infomercials or on television shopping networks.

From 2010-2012, we signed Submission Agreements with 4671 clients. As a result of our services, 141 clients have received license agreements for their products, and 22 clients have received more money than they paid us for these services.

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